"Universe Within: Digital Lives in the Global Highrise" is the final installment of the award winning documentary series, Highrise, by the National Film Board of Canada (NFB). Exploring the digital lives of highrise residents, the project takes participants to 18 different cities around the world to provide first-person narratives unveiling the human conditions of the digital 21st century.

The team at Secret Location, conceived and executed a beautiful web experience that delivered interactivity to the documentary and personalization for its participants. Through a series of evocative questions directed at the user, a unique conversation established between the documentary and the participant is experienced; concluding with a socially sharable, data visualization of the user's result.

I had the pleasure to implement and manage analytics for such an ambitious project. Analytics played a vital part of the project since the interactive experience was being documented for further research with other collaborators. We managed to successfully track all major interactions, user preferences, and content consumption rates while documenting, reporting and teaching our clients how to navigate through the analytics.

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NFB: Highrise

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Highrise: Universe Within


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Noora Abu Eitah  (Producer)

Preeti Gandhi  (Producer)

Stefan Grambart  (Senior Art Director)

Misha Frolov  (Art Director)

Josh Mandricks (Lead Developer)

Matthew Fabb (Senior Developer)

Terence Chow (Developer)

Sara Scheuermann (IA)

Justin Pan  (Analytics Manager)


NFB  (Film)


Google Analytics



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