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Ever wondered where the game, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood originated from? Believe it or not, the success of that game shares a similar origin story from where I started my career in digital.

I was privileged to join a Toronto startup, Blammo Games, where our first title, Stardom: The A-List, launched in December of 2011 and quickly ascended to the Top 100 in Apple's iTunes App Store. The instant success experienced from our small studio taught me valuable lessons in digital production, team management, and understanding of how to design interactions that profit in the "freemium" economy.

Building upon the success of Stardom: The A-List, our boutique studio was acquired by Glu Mobile. With content updates scheduled every 3-4 weeks and new feature implementations every other month, the studio required all hands on deck and I thrived under such conditions. Our next game, Campers! provided me an opportunity to level design where I developed a new workflow to increase efficiency and quality between the three production teams: game design, art, and programming. After the release of our next titles: Stardom: Hollywood (later to inspire Kim Kardashian: Hollywood) and Zombies Ate My Friends, I sought new challenges outside of mobile gaming and looked towards the bright lights of a AAA studio.

My next move landed me at Ubisoft where I received title credits working on Splinter Cell: Blacklist and rounded off my experience in gaming by working on PC, Xbox 360, and Play Station 3 platforms. In a global corporation that harnessed the collaboration between studios from Toronto to Montreal to Bucharest, I was grateful to not get lost in the mix - as luck would have me seated directly behind the Lead Game Designer, Laurent Malville!

In two short years, I covered all aspects of video games from: freemium to paid, mobile to console, unknown startup to market leader. The principles of interactive design, best practices to reach high production quality, and effective management across multi-disciplinary teams taught me lessons that transcended studio or project size.

Ready for a new challenge, I brought the knowledge and insights from video games to the world of media entertainment, advertising, and marketing and joined the Emmy Award winning studio, Secret Location.

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Stardom: The A-List (2011)

Campers! (2012)

Stardom: Hollywood (2013)

Zombies Ate My Friends (2013)


Splinter Cell: Blacklist (2013)


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